Warehousing and Fulfilment Services

Warehousing is one of the core parts of logistics. Today, the UK storage companies do not cover only physical storage of goods. Fulfillment services range from order picking and processing to packaging and shipping turning a “fulfillment warehouse” into a kind of a hub for all logistics processes required to get a product from the seller to the buyer.


H&H offers warehouse space for rent and fulfilment not far from London. We are a reliable partner who is always ready to support your business by providing the comprehensive third party solutions. Our main benefits are:

  • Favorable location in South Oxfordshire
  • Numerous services that are intended to meet individual market needs
  • Competitive prices for the efficiently organized logistics processes

Cooperating with us, you will

  • Focus on growing your business by delegating tiresome but unavoidable duties to us
  • Cut costs as you need less staff for these activities
  • Scale your business without fear of the negative impact on your customers’ experience

Warehousing Solutions for Your Success

H&H offers over 55000 sq. ft. of storage space. Our basic activities include the following:

  • Receiving your goods into stock, checking of shipping documents, and completion of paperwork
  • Placing goods into stock to meets the required specification
  • Providing control over stored products and warehouse management
  • Ensuring the safety of goods placed at our facilities
Warehousing Solutions for Your Success


  • H&H offers its own bespoke stock system along with offering customers the option of placing orders to be picked and dispatched directly from our
  • A wide range of products from food to personal protective equipment can be placed there.
  • We provide only ambient storage that caters for all kinds of products that require storing at room temperature.
  • Both manual and automated equipment is used to achieve the best results in the most effective manner.


H&H has had a BRC accreditation in storage and distribution for over five years now. It is an accreditation based on an annual unannounced audit. This means that all our systems, maintenance programmes, forklifts, and pump trucks are tried, tested, and approved.

We also have Soil Association accreditation that sets standards for packaging.



H&H provides you with a wide range of 3PL services that are widely demanded by e-commerce businesses. Today, we observe the boost of online stores and they require product collecting, completing, and packing according to their requirements. Reverse logistics and return management are also very popular among the owners of e-commerce businesses and online stores.


We can pack your orders in a great number of creative ways using branded packaging materials and other branding options. It will give you a competitive edge as your logo and brand colours will increase brand awareness. We can add the inserts like leaflets to personalize the orders. Thank you cards, personal notes, coupons, product reviews, product samples, and small gifts will help you to create a better customer experience. And we’ll never forget to put or confuse them.


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You needn’t care about the details with a well-tuned supply chain. H&H will do this for you offering the best logistics solutions that fit your specific business needs and will boost your growth.